World Competition’s Editor, José Rivas, recently interviewed German MEP Andreas Schwab (EPP), the Rapporteur for the proposed Digital Markets Act (DMA), on the goals and challenges of the DMA.

The interview is the first filmed guest editorial for World Competition and also the first time the publication invited a member of the European Parliament to give their insights, indicating the changing nature of the legislative process and the importance of the European Parliament regarding the adoption of competition law legislation.

José and Mr Schwab discussed technical elements of the proposal, including ex-ante versus ex-post control of competition law, the scope of application, tipping markets and transparency obligations. Mr Schwab also responded to questions regarding the DMA’s impact on innovation, collaboration with national authorities, enforcement and whether the DMA stands to affect the Transatlantic relationship. The interview concluded with the MEP’s thoughts on the ambitious timeline and potential roadblocks in passing the DMA.

Watch the full interview

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